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By careful planning you can avoid the surprises that so often lay waste to dreams that were developed haphazardly. Every hour spent on blue prints is a good investment. With good blue prints, by the time construction begins, you should be able to supervise the project while continuing with your daily work.

Civil Addition and Alteration

The Sancheet team has been working in the area of civil additions and alterations since 1997. The Sancheet team adapts its approach to meet the ever changing needs and interests of customers and the community across a range of infrastructure requirements. Our technical team works with various customers and suppliers to develop new technologies and strategies that improve and enhance civil contracting practices and processes The company provides customers with a wide variety of services, including:

  • Construct-only services
  • Design and construct services
  • Public private partnerships
  • Alliances and joint ventures

The company is successfully undertaking construction activities in MNCs as well as Small Scale companies.

We also provide property maintenance services. So if its Property Maintenance, Plumbing Services, Drainage, Paving or Civil works call our team of experts for whatever you need.

We strive for providing sustainable and technically innovative solutions, that add value to the community and clients. We believe in fostering sustainable and long-term relationships that build lasting value for the community, customers, shareholders and staff.