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Listening is a gift we give to one another. The quality of our listening is perhaps the most important factor determining the success of a meeting. Through practicing shared listening and paying attention to others, we begin to sense a connection to the larger whole. Encourage people to listen for what is not being spoken along with what is being shared.

Conference Room Designs

Office conference rooms reflect the how professional and disciplined the office management is. The management executives use this space to discuss the strategies, profits and losses, partnerships, takeovers, new product launches, etc.

Conference room interiors are designed by the Sancheet team, keeping in mind the facilities that will be required to ensure the smooth running of meetings and discussions. These facilities include Wi-Fi connectivity for using the internet to share information's, presentations, and analytics. A large LED screen to view the information mentioned earlier and to facilitate web conferencing. Similarly, phone systems for individual and conferences, web cams and plenty of speakers strategically placed along the conference room are essential for a efficiently functional conference room. At the same time it is important to focus on the comfort level of the employee using the facility for lengthy periods of time. The Sancheet team makes sure the conference room design does not allow the external sound to interfere with the internal interaction. We also keep in mind that sound should not travel out of the room or it will compromise confidentiality and ruin the entire purpose of the conference room.

The conference table should be the best interior furniture which should provide an elegant as well as comfortable look to the chairs kept with it. We remember to measure the room before you purchase the conference room table and the chairs. Later on, you might want to have a good amount of space for the staff & guests to allow them to roam freely. Cluttering should be completely avoided by not crowding too many chairs around the table.

Some conference room equipment which is important:-

Projector Screen & Projector: - Most important equipment which is required in a conference room. This can be used by any member to represent his thoughts or present analytics or information to the management. The basic advantage of this equipment is that it has a big screen which allows good visibility to all the members.

Lighting: - Lighting of conference hall must be properly done. It would become hard to understand what a person feels about an issue if his or her expressions cannot be seen. As we know action speak louder than words, therefore, good lighting helps in effective communication.

LED: - Your conference room must have a hi-tech LED Display to provide you an access to your desktop with a broader view. This device should be purchased keeping in mind the exact size of the wall and the place where it will be installed.

Phone System: - Conference hall with various facilities such as teleconferencing, speaker phone, voice mail and complete list of all the clients is an ideal one. Make sure your phone system has almost all such facilities to ensure facilitation of meetings and discussions.

Webcam: - A web camera is undoubtedly required to enable teleconferencing with people across the world. If you have more than one office and want to discuss important matters with the concerned person in another office, teleconferencing can be the best option for it. Also a lot of clients feel that seeing each other during a conference helps build relationships as you are not dealing with just a name, but a person.

Microphones and speakers: - Microphones are really important if you will be hosting webinars. Hosting webinars with a situation where people unable to hear is embarrassing. Therefore, make sure, your voice is audible to all the members sitting in the conference hall. This act of yours can lead to active participation of all the members.

Wi-Fi Internet Connection: - Wi-Fi internet connection is very common these days in every company. Please ensure that the Wi-Fi connection for the conference room is secure and cannot be accesses by the rest of the office. Almost all the companies use Wi-Fi Internet because of the mobility it provides. You may use the internet connection to share the updates on your company's website with other members of the company. You might also need a VGA cable or a HDMI cable as well to connect the laptop to the projector screen.