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Elsie De Wolfe born Dec. 20, 1865, has been credited with the creation of the interior decorating profession. Having successfully re-designed her own home, De Wolfe began offering her services to other people within her social circle...


Home interiors refer to the makeover of your residential space which includes decoration and designing of your interiors with means of painting, adding window covers, flooring by using granite, Italian flooring, marble etc. Home interior is nothing but the combination of your skills, imagination, creativity, effort, money and time along with loads of intelligence. The important part of the home interior decoration is your own imagination and ideas which are required to transform your thoughts to make your dream home.

The Sancheet design and implementation team plays a vital role in decorating private homes and creation of an interior which suits the requirements of as well as the client’s personal taste. Home designs would vary for the parents of young children to home interior design for the trendy, traditional or for single individuals.

Let's say, furniture in a child's bedroom needs to be easily accessible and should be made as per the age and corresponding needs of the child. A bachelor may use an extra bedroom space like an office or a guest bedroom. While planning to construct your new house we can provide you with the expert advice of our architect who has a good level of understanding of both art and the practical designing of the house. Latest home design ideas are the first preference of our architect which can make your house efficiently designed, a place of beauty and comfort that you would love to call your own.

Other important factors that are considered by the Sancheet team for home decoration are the durability, affordability and flexibility of the materials you wish to choose. Before starting with designing your own house you may consider following home design ideas for designing the perfect house:

The design of your home largely depends upon your preference and taste. Like everyone have his own ideas of preference, some people like it to be calm or traditional or some wish to make it more modernized and with an elegant look. It is important to keep comparing the various prices of different lightning fixtures, furniture, flooring, paints etc to keep yourself satisfied of choosing the best.

Before putting your ideas into action you may check out the various advantages and disadvantages of particular products you wish to choose in your home interior design. Spending a hefty amount or a nominal amount is completely in your hands as it depends on the choice and the quality of material you wish to use in your home interiors.

You may also add personal touch to your home decor ideas by simply hanging some family pictures or a portrait which would make you feel cozy and homely. Moreover if you like to keep old things of your grandparent's time, make sure you have a separate room for that as that may provide an old fashioned look with your interiors. Though interior decoration tends to be an expensive business, doing it efficiently and well enough can get you a lovely home, without really emptying your pocket on endless expenditure.

Nowadays, people are getting more inclined towards a new preference of earthly, natural and warm brown tones. In some homes, colors which are to be quite vibrant and loud have replaced the dull red and dark blue.

Home interior designing has changed very drastically over the past 15 years. The Sancheet team has been at the forefront of the latest trends, new software or hardware related to home design and the latest furniture stores and accessories for homes. Do get in touch with us to redecorate or personalize your homes.